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Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of brandUNITY's
Increasing returns on your marketing programs


In the crowded businesses of cell phones, coffee blends, and tennis shoes, sophisticated research and detailed brand planning are hallmark of the corporations that grow.

Studying the lessons learned by large corporations who have gained market share despite well-endowed challengers will show us new paths to success for our own businesses.

Recognizable corporate brands are unified and aligned across all customer touch points. Customer perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and attitudes are shaped by repeated, interactive experiences with the brand's personality. How is this unity accomplished?

Each month, in this BRAND STRATEGIES eNEWSLETTER, we will explore how large corporations have built exceptional brand definition and powerful market share. We'll apply strategies that the big guys use, to small and medium sized business branding, showing ways to improve our own marketing return on investment (ROI). We invite you to stick with us.


brandUNITY's Newest Project Releases:
Unified identity, print, and web campaigns, planned and executed to improve our Clients' ROI.
JUST LAUNCHED THIS WEEK! Elegant waterfront properties on a semi-rural island, 35 minutes across the Puget Sound by ferry from downtown Seattle; Don Rooks at John L. Scott Real Estate helps residential buyers and sellers make exceptional investments.
Architectural and fine art photographer, Otto Greule, called on brandUNITY for a complete identity redesign from logo through business papers and website. Take a look at his extraordinary work in this new portfolio site.
A distinctive lighting company, VanLumen offers architects and designers professionally created and manufactured architectural lighting solutions for commercial and residential projects. From custom wall sconces, collaboratively created chandeliers made from metal and fused glass, to a wide selection of pre-designed company products, VanLumen brings new meaning to light.
Traditional jewelry is commonly faceted -- a highly precise technique applied frequently to diamonds. With MFA and BA in Fine Art, Joy Houghton challenges the gem world by revealing the unexpected translucence of priceless stones in a new art form. Despite faceting's long-standing tradition of increasing gem value, Joy refuses to apply faceting to valuable stones. Recently asked to exhibit at the Carnegie, Stonefire Studios is a business to watch.



Increasing returns on your marketing programs


The Umbrella Strategy: applying abstracted qualities to a parent brand, then apply functional sub_personalities to products, strengthening brand presence across a multitude of customer offerings, all under one umbrella: example, WRQattachmate.

The Power of Brand: the stories you tell about your past shape your future; example Nike. New employee orientation at Nike takes two full days, beginning with the details of Nike’s heritage. Connecting people to the heritage increases the chances of emotional connection and loyalty.

The Logo Saga: how much battle scaring does it take to produce a great identity? Strong logos often change over time, re-focusing core brand strengths and differentiating markets. Here’s how one company, called Starbucks, refined its visual brand.


We warmly welcome you to stay subscribed as we explore the knowledge base of corporate branding, revealing strategies for building your own marketing campaigns more efficiently.


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