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Boosting Business with Blogs
Up the Decibels on Brand Performance
Brand Building Power Guide
Increase Email Response Rates
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  Seattle-Times Quotes brandUNITY
  brandUNITY Wins 2 Silvers!
  WBENC Certification
  PNWLG Trademarks brandUNITY
Just Launched: BITV, J.Nyden
Another Double Growth Year for brandUNITY!


Boosting Business with Blogs

Surveys show that 39% of the online population or about 57 million people read blogs. Studies also reveal that blogs are providing significant influence over purchasing decisions in both BtoC and BtoB sectors. And that's not all. Technorati currently tracks over 35.3 million blogs with about 1.2 million new blogs posted each day.

New on the Google News page is a beta Blog Search button, up in the right corner. Launched with the objective of cataloging every blog in existence, Google's Blog Search tool leaves little doubt about the importance Google places on the evolving, self-publishing universe.

Always on the look-out for powerful, emerging tools able to strengthen our Clients' marketing mix, brandUNITY has been experimenting with the blogosphere, cataloging what works and what doesn't when it comes to using blogs for business and brand development.

Follow our findings by subscribing to brandUNITY's new RSS Feed: Market Trends Blog.

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Up the Decibels on Brand Performance

When does it make sense to add podcasting to your marketing mix? The answer has a lot to do with the extensive publicity you can get by hooking into the new, targeted, freebie podcast syndicators that completely by-pass traditional editorial gatekeepers.

The Returns: brandUNITY.com's October Unique Visits have already spiked to an all time high. Hear our podcast about the branding power that can be harnessed with judicious use of emerging media: brandUNITY MP3>>

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Brand Building Power Guide

Emerging media can meet prospects where they live, work, and play in ways that traditional media cannot. Online social networks, blogs, podcasts, video online, retargeting, network ads, all working together, projecting a consistent brand, can potentially propel your business to new levels of sales efficiency. Find out more in brandUNITY's recent whitepapers: MORE>>

Marketing Tip:
Increase Your Email Click-Thru Rates

Research confirms email open and click-thru rates are increased when distributions are planned in conjunction with cross-channel campaigns using direct mail, off-line events, and online advertising. Timing, iterative consistency, and targeted resonance are critical to success.

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brandUNITY in the News

Seattle-Times Quotes brandUNITY

Bebeka Shrestha's writes about the WAMU name change, quoting brandUNITY principal, Ann Jensen Warman.

Design Excellence: brandUNITY Wins 2 Silvers

In a national 2300+ participant competition, brandUNITY won two Silver Distinctions for websites it designed and developed for Clients in the past year. Awards include a Silver for the award-winning Bainbridge Youth Services website.

The W3 Award Competition is unusual because it is the first major contest to be accessible to the biggest agencies, the smallest firms, and everyone in between. Small firms are as likely to win as Fortune 500 companies and international agencies.

Though a small firm, brandUNITY is mighty, delivering Clients big agency returns.

WBENC Certification:

brandUNITY has achieved national WBENC certification as a majority woman-owned business through the Women's Business Enterprise Council and Astra Women's Business Alliance.

PNWLG Trademarks brandUNITY:

Robert O. Sailer, Managing Partner at Pacific NorthWest Law Group (PNWLG), recently completed brandUNITY's trademark submission. Thank you, Bob!

PNWLG specializes in emerging & growth business issues, technology protection and leveraging, and integrated estate and wealth planning.

Protect your brand, it is your most valuable business asset. MORE>>

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Just Launched

Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce
brandUNITY was selected to re-brand the Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce. Working with the Board of Directors and Executive Board, brandUNITY re-designed the Chamber's logo and business papers, including new signage. This six month project focused vision on Bainbridge Island as a valuable place to live, work, and play.

BITV's new website
Just launched to wide-acclaim, Bainbridge Television website. Stayed tuned for what BITV does this year. This winning team is putting community television on the leading edge!

J.Nyden & Company
Re-brand to emphasize J.Nyden & Company's focus on taking the squeeze out of negotiating with large corporations. The year-long project included identity development, business paper design, web site re-design, and mailers, all working together to raise awareness.

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brandUNITY: Another Double Growth Year!

brandUNITY has once again doubled its business development for a third consecutive year, lending credence to our new technology research and measurement feedback methods. We tie response rates to analytics, emerging technologies, and traditional techniques to yield a unique blend of marketing advantages for our Clients.

What discoveries we make in our own media testing, we apply on our Clients' behalf, providing distinct brand strategies with proven exponential returns for our Clients, year after year. Come grow with brandUNITY!

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