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Marketing Campaigns:
Consulting & Creative Services

brandUNITY Project Examples
brandUNITY has a proven track record for providing Clients with these core services:

  • Marketing Plans
  • Customized Brand Launch Strategies
  • Online and Offline Campaign Creative Services
  • Advertising Planning, Creative Services, and Placement

Every business has a different set of challenges and goals. Toward that end, we customize each project to specifically address your needs. Here are some ways we have helped our Clients reach goals:

Project Example: Web Effectiveness Consulting

Client Challenge:
Your company website has plateaued in hits and conversions, or worse, is declining. The site could be pulling harder, better supporting the business mission. Customized consulting projects start at $2500.

brandUNITY's customized solutions may include:

  • Analysis of online competition
  • Analysis of site stats history
  • Pinpointing new target markets and goals
  • Evaluating and recommending home page, sub_page improvements
  • Recommending content improvements
  • Recommending navigation and site map improvements
  • Analysis of Search Optimization functioning
  • Recommending Search Optimization Improvements
  • Analysis of keywords and providing new keywords
  • Recommending Keyword Placement in content
  • Re-writing of content to maximize keyword placement for higher rankings and conversions

Project Example: New Business or Product Launch Consulting and Creative Services

Client Challenge:
To launch a product or business, you need to gain and keep targeted market share efficiently and find powerful ways to facilitate sales with branding that resonates with the intended audience. Customized projects consulting and creative services start at $3500.

brandUNITY's customized solutions may include:

  • Business name selection services
  • Domain name selection recommendations
  • Creative Services, Logo, Business Papers Design
  • Creative Services: Packaging Design
  • Website Design and Development
  • Direct Mail campaign strategies and creative
  • Online banner ad placement and creative
  • Online and offline List Building Strategies
  • Content development
  • Copywriting $175 / web page or $125 / hour
  • Landing Pages to optimize Response Rates
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web stat analysis
  • eMail distribution analysis
  • Landing Page results
  • Internet Marketing Plan and ongoing
  • Print Marketing with direct mail and advertising

Project Example: Brand consulting and Creative Services for Podcast, Blog, or Online Videocast.

Client Challenge:
Keeping up with this world of rapidly changing communication technologies and marketing trends adds extra burden for in-demand business leaders with growing organizations. Companies that tap into emerging tools that are proving powerful, will reach and keep specific audiences who are no longer persuadable through traditional media. Customized projects start at $3500.

brandUNITY's customized solutions may include:

  • Evaluate Existing Marketing, Targeting and Competition
  • Determine Podcast / Videocast / Blog Objectives
  • Write Scripts, Posts, Develop Personalities
  • Record Sessions
  • Produce Podcast, Video, and /or Blog
  • Edit and Post Production
  • Activate online with RSS Feed Set-up, Launch
  • Promotions Planning
  • Response Analysis

Project Example: Re-vamp and modernize large, aging organizational or corporate website for easier use and navigation.

Client Challenge:
The company website was built years ago, using older technology and its navigational functions no longer match the business mission. Customized projects costs vary.

brandUNITY's customized solutions may include:

  • Comprehensive Website re-design and development for Dynamic Pages and Database
  • Current site evaluations and consulting
  • Analysis of online competition; trends
  • Analyze need for current technology
  • Analyze site stats
  • Identify new target markets and goals
  • Recommend home page improvements
  • Recommend content improvements
  • Recommend navigation and site map improvements
  • Strategic Site planning and Navigation Design
  • Launch Promotion Strategies:
    - Publicity / Promotions Planning, Implementation
    - Press Release targeting, distributed to media, online & offline
    - Online banner ads created and placed
    - Linking Program targeted and implemented
    - Direct Mail, Offline Ads
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